new shoes

I bought a new pair of dress shoes. I figure since I will be hitting the streets to drum up business for my new creative design venture, I'll need a good pair of shoes. After sticking my feet into more shoes than I can remember, I walked away with (pun intended) a pair of Born Shoes and I like them.

To learn more about my new venture/adventure, visit fullybrewed.com.

pastoring or pasturing?

You have to love Microsoft's auto correct / auto fill-in features. As I was typing an email tonight, I typed "it would allow me more time for pastoring." Only Outlook changed it to "it would allow me more time for pasturing."

How did they know!


pictures from the USS Midway

catching up

It's been another busy week. I often wonder, did my parents find themselves saying ... "Wow, another busy week." Or was life run at a different pace back then. I honestly don't remember being shuffled around from one activity to another; I do remember riding my bike through the neighborhood and building piles of leaves. Pretty soon I will remember having to walk to school through snow drifts. But wait! I did walk to school through snow drifts, albeit with shoes on.

On Friday of this past week, Hope had only a half-day of school so we made it a father-daughter day. We went to the USS Midway and took a tour. The Midway is a retired aircraft carrier and is enormous. It's been relocated to San Diego and turned into a museum by a private foundation. I had my doubts about how long Hope would stay engaged but she outlasted me. I'll upload the pictures soon.

After that, we meandered down to SeaPort village which just so happens to have a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream store. After twisting Hope's arm, we decided to have some ice cream. It was OK.

Saturday was softball and more softball. The girls both love it and have great coaches this year. Hannah is even beginning to slide. During practice last week she did a head-first dive into second base ... and it was a planned dive, not a trip and stumble dive. Kind of reminded me of her old man ...

And today is Sunday. We get to gather with a great group of people at LifePoint and have a worship celebration. Life is busy but life is good.



"Astronaughty." That was the creative genius of some writer at Fox News. It was used as the story title for an update on the astronaut who drove to Florida in a diaper.

you don't bring me flowers anymore

It's been so long since I've posted a blog entry that it made me think of that line from a Neil Diamond song ... "you don't bring me flowers anymore." I never was a Neil Diamond fan ...

Busy. That's about the best way to sum up life over the past few weeks. In order to allow LifePoint to remain viable, we made the decision that I would seek employment in the marketplace. So, it's been a flurry of resumes, a few interviews, and no job offers -- yet. I've mainly looked at web and graphic design positions, along with general marketing and communications positions.

I've also decided to start a freelance marketing firm. It will combine web, print, and other media. It's called Fully Brewed Creative Group. Here are the logos:

Those of you who are keen observers, might notice from where I get my inspiration.

So ... any job leads would be greatly appreciated!