free background to download

I've just created a new graphic that can be used for a background or wallpaper. It emphasizes the optimistic nature of being a Christ-follower. Feel free to download and use. I'm also including the Photoshop file if you wish to edit or change.

Psalm 118:24 large file.
Psalm 118:24 Photoshop (psd) file.


new church happenings in san diego

A few exciting things are happening on the church front here in San Diego. CityWalk Church held her first service a few months ago and is establishing a new model for urban church planting. LifePoint (www.lifepointcommunitycom) designates ten percent of our weekly offerings to CityWalk.

Recently I 've had several conversations with our bass player at church. With a background in ministry, he has been considering returning to church work as a church planter. It looks like he will be starting a new church in the older part of Chula Vista in a few months. I've encouraged him to share his vision at LifePoint and to ask for helpers.

It's exciting to see new dreams and visions spring up!

new web work

I was recently hired to redesign the website of C&C Glass here in San Diego. C&C is a large commercial glass company that works on a variety of commercial and municipal projects. Part of my assignment was to improve their search engine appeal. I designed the site entirely in CSS (that's a bone for you web geeks out there). Take a look: www.ccglass.com.

boy or girl?

I'm sitting here at Cosmos and there' s a new group on stage. When I close my eyes, it's hard to tell if the singer is a boy or girl. Opening my eyes doesn't help much either.


podcast updated

For those of you who may suffer from extreme insomnia, here's a link to my podcast which contains my weekend teaching.



customized google

Have you customized your Google page yet? For several years I have had Google set as my home page since that's where much of my web surfing begins. As a true believer in all things Google, I'd like to encourage you to customize your Google page. You can now set up Google to include news, weather, stocks, custom searches ... almost anything. If you have a Google account, you can even customize the theme and save it.

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a good day at church

It's been a while since I've posted something about LifePoint. We recently turned 18 months old and are continuing to grow and develop. We've been through a few hiccups -- that's the theological term for minor challenges. None have been life-threatening. I feel like we're just now beginning to hit our stride ... moral is good, music is good, and newcomers are becoming regulars. Even the pastor is OK.

Looking back, it's easy to see things that I would have done differently but that's a part of the maturing process. Looking ahead, I see a bright future and am encouraged by the quality of people that God brings our way.

If you're in San Diego, stop by and say hello.


hannah turns ten

It's hard to believe but our oldest daughter turned ten today. It was ten years ago we went to Kaiser hospital in downtown Walnut Creek. The wonder has never stopped.

making a difference

I believe that within each of us is a desire to know that we made a difference in life. We want to know that how we spent our time, energy, and money contributed to something greater than ourselves.

However, it seems that relatively few people find what I call alignment -- the opportunity to match up their skills and life experiences with their desire to make a difference. A few people find that intersection at work; others look for ways to contribute outside of their careers. Some have stopped looking altogether.

As Christ followers, we have a unique opportunity to not only make a difference in our world but to make a difference for eternity. From the very beginning, Christianity has been a movement focused on changing the world. We call fellow travelers to follow Jesus with us because we believe his way is the best way.

a blind eye

I went this past week for a free LASIK eye examination. LASIK is one type of laser surgery that involves reshaping your eyeball with a high-powered laser. Admittedly, that’s an over-simplification.

The doctor confirmed what I already knew -- I’m basically blind. Take my glasses off and I’ll walk straight into the wall. With my glasses off, everyone looks pretty.

I began wearing glasses in the third grade; to be honest, it’s hard to remember life without glasses. Every morning I reach over to the night stand, feel for my glasses, and start the day.

You can track fashion trends by looking through one of my photo albums. The “lost years” had to be the 1980s when big, and I mean really big, glasses were in style. Though I’m ashamed to admit this, I even had a pair of red glasses at one point in the 1980s. Not red lenses -- red frames! Surprisingly, most of those pictures have somehow disappeared :-)

Bad fashion is an equal opportunity employer and blindness isn’t restricted only to eyesight.

Believe it or not, I pass many blind people every day who are driving cars or waiting in line at Albertsons. Some wear glasses and some do not. Worst of all, many don’t even know they are blind.

Some are blind to the needs of those around them. Others are living with no vision for their life. Many of the walking blind fail to see God’s fingerprints, the imprint he has left on them.

Spiritual blindness may be the most insidious form of blindness. It means our lives are out of focus with God’s plan for us. Dreams and opportunities look fuzzy and we just assume that everything is normal.

May your spiritual eyesight come into great focus this week!

one month later

Wow, it's been almost a month since my last post. I would like to have some exotic tale of why there hasn't been a post ... something like spending a month in Tahiti or prison, but nothing exotic comes to mind. It's just been a busy time of year and blogging took a backseat. But I'm back!