Elderly woman witnesses to man trying to rob her

This may be the craziest evangelism tool yet.


search san diego condos

Our worship leader at LifePoint is a local realtor here in San Diego. Recently he asked me to build him a new site as a lead generation tool. So we put up search-san-diego-condos.com and designed two different landing pages in order to A/B test the Google AdWords campaign. I even threw in a free logo as well!

Search San Diego Condos

new website, new eyes

As some of you already know, I redesigned a website for a local Lasik eye surgeon in exchange for free lasik surgery. Back last summer I decided to visit the websites of local eye doctors to see which ones might be in need of a redesign -- and then sent each of them the same email inquiry. Dr. Motwani was the brave doctor who took me up on my offer.

Here is what his new site (Alpha Laser Center) looks like:

Dr Motwani San Diego Lasik

My surgery was back in February and things are progressing extremely well. One week after the surgery I was reading at 20-25. Three weeks after the surgery I was reading at 20-15! It has been an interesting experience, to say the least. I'll have to post a picture of the "redesigned" me as well.

easter update

We had a wonderful Easter service at LifePoint yesterday. Everything went really well from start to finish, including the fact that we had three people make decisions to become Christ-followers. This was followed up by a baptism at our house after lunch. Yesterday was the third Easter we have celebrated as a church and each one has been special. After church we had about 20 people over to the house for lunch and the girls even swam in the pool!


free ebook on early christianity



I've been teaching through the book of Ephesians on Sunday mornings since January. It's a great book for exploring what the Christian life can be like ... the way God intends for us to experience life. Listed below are a few helpful books about Ephesians.

The Message of Ephesians (The Bible Speaks Today)

The Letter to the Galatians and Ephesians (New Daily Study Bible)

Ephesians (LifeChange Series)

faith of our fathers

I go through reading phases. One time I got on a Jim Jones / Jonestown kick and read four or five books about the People's Temple and what happened back in 70s. Another time I got hooked on stories of POW's (prisoners of war, for those of you born after 1980). One of the books I read during that time was "Faith of our Fathers" by John McCain. McCain has a fascinating story of being a POW during the Vietnam war. If you're interested, here's a link to the book at Amazon:


komodo coffee from starbucks

If you like bold coffee (like all true coffee lovers, do), then you'll love the Komodo blend from Starbucks. Here's the scoop ...

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Starbucks® Coffees 1-lb. Bold Starbucks® Coffees Komodo Dragon Blend™, Komodo Dragon Blend, Whole Bean


messages on the church

I’ve been very encouraged by your response to our recent messages about the mission and nature of the church. As I mentioned last Sunday, God’s intention for LifePoint (and all Christ-centered churches) is to be a place where people can find their way back to God.

In real terms, this means helping people find hope, purpose, and significance. It means helping marriages hold together and giving parents a dose of encouragement and wisdom.

We live in a county where fewer than 10% of our neighbors actively attend church. Even if our sanctuary were filled to capacity each and every Sunday, there would still be over 2 million people within 30 minutes of our building who will spend Sunday morning doing something else besides attending church.

Church attendance is not a substitute for a personal connection to Jesus; but it certainly helps! For better or worse, God committed his message of hope and redemption to churches like LifePoint.

I’m asking you to join me in building a church community where people can experience the goodness of God. Let’s experience together the thrill of altering the course of eternity!