Redneck Pool Heater

In the due course of doing "competitive" research for Blue Haven, I came across this site called "Redneck Pool Heater." Warning: it contains pictures of real rednecks. You have read it to believe it.


blue haven memorial day sale

Note: Here comes a shameless plug.

Blue Haven Pools and Spas Supplies Direct
is offering 10% off everything in our store through May 31st. This is in honor of Memorial Day and is our way of saluting the American spirit. Simply use the promotional code "MEMORIAL2008" during checkout to receive your discount.

My personal pick is the Ensolite Floating Lounge Chair.


bagpipes rock!

Just over a year ago I started fooling around with a few t-shirt designs and posted them on a CafePress store. Little did I know that people from around the country would start buying them. My best selling t-shirt looks like this:

You can view the t-shirt at my store.


follow-up to my toilet saga

FYI: I was able to conquer my faulty toilet once I purchased a bigger crescent wrench from Home Depot. I even purchased a dimmer switch and hooked our living room chandelier up to it. I was in the groove ...


lessons i've learned from my toilet

The toilet in our second bathroom decided to quit working yesterday. Actually, it was working but it had developed a leak inside the tank that caused it to fill up REALLY slow. So, in my earnest but misguided own way, I decided to check it out. Fast forward to shoving a towel under the hose and spending nearly an hour on my back looking up with a mixture of futility and despair burned on my face.

Here are a few lessons my toilet taught me:

1. Know the limits of your own ability.
2. Never twist something that wasn't designed to be twisted.
3. The right tools will make the job go much smoother.
4. Never try to fix what isn't completely broken until your in-laws leave.


sdsu drug bust

Within the past week, local law enforcement agents along with agents from the DEA busted a major drug ring at SDSU that resulted in the arrest of over 100 people. The most scary part of it was the connection to a Mexican drug cartel. Several fraternities were implicated and one of the students was majoring in Homeland Security.

Most amazing has been the reaction of some of the faculty. Many resented the fact that the university asked for law enforcement to get involved. This in spite of the fact that the investigation began because an SDSU student had overdosed and died. Also in spite of the fact that Mexican drug cartels don't take getting stiffed too lightly and are known for exacting deadly revenge. And did I mention that the number of Americans falling victim to armed robbery in Baja is at an all-time high?

Here's a story that appeared in the Daily Aztec.


the lifepoint story

Not sure what exactly this means but just today I was asked by two different people to tell the LifePoint story. It was nice to dust off the story and tell again how God created something out of nothing. Makes one wonder ...



Navajo softball is winding down. This past weekend was the beginning of tournament play and the weatherman decided to serve up nearly 100 degree temperatures! It was so hot that my sunflower seeds starting popping in the shell, just like popcorn.

On a related note, Hannah was selected for the 10 and Under All-Stars. It means another three months of softball, almost daily practices, and tournaments around San Diego. She was so excited, I nearly cried!


advo / red plum

I'm just about finished designing a marketing piece for Blue Haven that will be used with ADVO (now Red Plum). ADVO is the one that puts together all the mail stuffings -- grocery ads, etc. This is the "big sheet" which simply means, it's big. We'll be doing two saturation drops.


help others find lifepoint on google

Did you know you can help improve our chances of being found when someone searches on Google for “San Diego church” or something similar? There are several ways you can help:

Link to us. If you have a website or blog, consider putting a link to www.lifepointcommunity.com and use “LifePoint Christian Church San Diego” as the text of the link (the official term is “anchor text”).

Write a review. Go to Google and search for -- LifePoint Church San Diego. If you see a search result that shows a map to our building, click on the link that says “More Information.” On the next page you’ll see a tab that says, “Reviews.” Click that and follow the steps to writing a review. Google uses local reviews as one of its ranking factors.