a picture with no glasses

Since I'm not all that photogenic, I tend not to go around snapping pictures of myself. But now that I have a new iMac at work with the built-in camera, I really had no excuse. So for those of you who have been wondering what the post-Lasik Ken Hensley looks like, here it is:


expert author

Finally someone recognizes true talent. According to ezinearticles.com, I'm an "expert author." You can see for yourself. It didn't involve bribery or extortion ... it didn't involve a whole lot other than uploading some articles. But hey, that's what expert authors do ...

Summer Vacation Tips

With the rising cost of gasoline and airfare, I thought I might brainstorm a few ways you could “vacation at home” this summer.

1. You could pull weeds and tell yourself you’re on a "jungle safari."

2. Throw your garden hose on the roof and enjoy a personal waterfall. If you move it around every few minutes, you’ll also water your grass.

3. Ladies, have your husband bring breakfast in bed and pretend it is room service. OK, that one may be a stretch.

Let me encourage you to make LifePoint a part of your summer activities. The need to stay connected to God never goes on vacation. In fact, summer is a great time to get involved, lend a hand, or spend time hanging out with fellow LifePointers.


a blogging moment

I'm working on free wi-fi at an "It's a Grind" coffee shop in Poway. We're in between tournament games and I'm squeezing in work on tomorrow's sermon. The three employees behind the counter seem totally bored -- no one's talking to anyone and it's oddly quiet for a coffee shop. Just a moment ago I glanced over and saw all three of them with cell phones in hand, checking messages or texting or something.


lifepoint band - the video


the lifepoint band

For those of you curious about what the wild and crazy LifePoint worship band looks like, close your eyes because here's a few pictures ...

we've been toilet papered

Is it proper English to say you've been "toilet papered?" Although I'm not sure about the grammar, I am sure about what happened to our yard. It seems that the Navajo softball all-stars have an annual tradition of toilet papering each other's yards. It's a rite of initiation reserved for squealing 10 year-olds who are up WAY past their bedtimes.

I had fallen asleep on the living room floor when I heard a loud thud on the door. It was a roll of toilet paper -- probably thrown by one of the pitchers. Below are a few snapshots of the damage :-)