new podcasts online

I just uploaded three new sermon podcasts to the LifePoint podcast blog.

hannah for president, the video

hannah for president

Since President George W. Bush is often referred to as "W", it looks like we may have to call her "G." Hannah decided to run for president of her school so we made posters, printed stickers (one featured Sponge Bob and said "All Krusty Krabs vote for Hannah"), and she had to give a speech on Friday. Well ... drum roll please ... she won! Below are a few pictures and then I'll post the video of her speech.

the retun of lee majors

Remember Lee Majors? He was the actor who became nearly every man's envy in the 1970s when he married Farrah Fawcett. He also starred in the Six Million Dollar Man, as an ex-astronaut with bionic limbs. Well, he's back.

This morning I'm drinking coffee, watching Fox News, and here comes a commercial for "Lee Major's Bionic Hearing Aid." Has it come to this? Former stars getting their own made for TV products and starring in their own informercials?

Do we really think the bionic man would need bionic hearing aids?

it's been a while

One day here, a few weeks there, and I realized this morning I hadn't posted anything since early October. This time of year -- every four years -- tends to grab my attention. Things have been busy at LifePoint and Blue Haven as well. And we still have kids ... and soccer, volleyball, girls scouts, birthday parties.

All said, we're doing very well. Both girls are enjoying their new teachers at Southwestern. Tonya has a good class. And me? I've decided to grow my goatee back in spite of the fact that it now has gray hair in it. I've gone from looking like a professor to a distinguished professor.


the real sarah palin


hope's first volleyball match

lifepoint bike ride

To offset the donuts we have on Sunday mornings, we decided to have a bike ride around Coronado. The weather was beautiful!



company dives into lending poo

Long ago I signed up for Google Alerts, a news aggregating service that Google provides. You create profile of keywords and Google spiders newspapers and other news sources for those keywords. It then sends you an email with a brief synopsis and a link to the full story.

One of the profiles I created is for my day job at Blue Haven Pools and Spas Supplies Direct. Today I got an alert that read, "Company Dives into Lending Pool." It took me to the New Orleans Business News website. Here is a screen shot of the story:

To read my comments in yellow, click the picture to view a larger image. The URL is quite funny (at least I think so). It reads, "company_dives_into_lending_poo.html."

Here's the orginal story.



Chivalry lives in San Diego! Of all places, I saw it first-hand on the trolley last Friday night.

It was about 5:30 and the train was filled up. At the City College stop, an older lady got on board and began to grab a handle, having resigned herself to standing up. Two different guys and one gal actually got up and offered her their seat. I felt like giving them a thumbs up.

It’s a sad fact that we’re not surprised much any more by bad behavior. What people do find surprising are the little acts of kindness and courtesy that get extended to them unexpectantly.

Acts 10:38 describes Jesus as someone who “went around doing good.”

May God's people be known as a church community of people who go around doing good. Plus, it’s fun surprising people.


say it ain't so, joe

Just finished watching the vice presidential debate. Two thoughts: 1. Wow! Governor Palin came off as normal, authentic, likeable, and knowledgeable. 2. There will be a clip on YouTube within a few hours of Senator Biden saying, "Bush's, Bush's, Bush's" where every time he said "Bush's" it sounded like bushes, with the last syllable a squeaky higher pitch than the first one.