veggie delight

The following is a true story:

I'm waiting in line at the local Subway near our house, waiting to grab some sandwiches to take to the Padres game. The lady ahead of me in line orders a "Veggie Delight," Subway's all-veggie sandwich. When the fellow behind the counter finishes with the veggies, the lady asks him, "Where's the meat?" Without missing a step, he simply asked her if she wanted turkey.


file this one under "oh my"

Saw this on the job section of Craigslist. No commentary needed -- it speaks for itself.


2 Male Models needed for daughters birthday
Reply to:
Date: 2007-04-25, 12:43AM PDT

I am looking for 2 gorgeous guys to carry my daughter on a chair as an entrance to her 13th birthday toga party. You will need to dress in Toga attire, be in great shape (a six pack is required) not be over 21. Once she has made her grand entrance you will fan her with a huge fan and feed her grapes. You will only need to be present for apx 30 mins max! You will be paid $75 for 30 mins. The event will be held on May 12th at 7pm-7:30----this will be a kids event. I just want to totally shock my daughter and give her the time of her life. Please send me 2 RECENT photos and why you would like to have this job, do not forget to include your phone number. College students feel free to apply.


judge who?

I was trapped. Even as I tried to work and do something productive, I found my attention being drawn back to the television.

On Tuesday, I found myself inside the local automotive shop while I waited on them to finish several repairs. Unfortunately for me, the television was tuned in to what must have been the all Judges channel. Judge Alex Ferrer followed by Judge Judy.

I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten one or two of the others. But you have to understand that after several hours, my mind was jumbled and I began rooting out loud for different plaintiffs or defendants.

I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed that the judge from the Anna Nicole Smith trial didn’t have his own show yet.

The whole experience lead me to one conclusion: we are a strange bunch of people. Unfortunately, we beam the best and worst of our television programming to the rest of the world. I wonder if they think we all go before Judge Judy to settle disputes over bad hair extensions.

But if I ever do get a bad hair extension, I’ll know where to go to get it resolved.

Our mission here at LifePoint is to point people to real life in Jesus. In case you’re wondering, real life isn’t often found on daytime television.

Real life as a Christ-followers is about following God into a life of adventure. It requires a depth of soul and spirit not often found in our cosmetic culture. It welcomes and embraces big challenges and opportunities.

I would go on ... but Judge Joe Brown is about to hear his first case.

firestone fireworks

For the second day in a row, I'm at Firestone Tires on Lake Murray Boulevard having work done on a car. In this case, it's routine work on Tonya's van before her parents arrive. As I'm waiting, the two front desk workers get in a verbal shouting match about how to schedule appointments. One of them is the manager and she is giving as good as she is receiving. The ironic thing is that myself and another customer are less than ten feet away. The lady next to me can hear them over the music playing on her iPod.

The best part is when the phone rings and the employee picks it up and answers in a sweet voice. Then goes back to shouting.


be your own cause

This morning a commercial for Kaiser caught me eye. The tag line was "be your own cause" and was designed to encourage people to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. But the phrase made me think of how often our culture encourages us to be our own cause ... look out for yourself ... do what makes you happy ... it's all about you.

Yet it's not that bad of a tag line. There are times when we do need to see our lives as part of something significant -- a cause that extends us beyond ourself. The trouble comes when all of our causes extend no further than the shadow we cast.


a culture of death

By now, you’ve surely seen some of the coverage about the shootings at Virginia Tech. I was stunned as the news went from one shooting to a mass murder. My heart still aches when I think about the deep trauma suffered by those who lost a loved one and those whose lives were spared.

Dramatic stories are beginning to come out about what happened. Liviu Librescu was an aeronautics engineer and teacher at VTU. The 76-year-old gentleman was also a survivor of the Holocaust. The professor blocked the door with his body while telling his students to jump out the window. He was eventually shot and killed.

There are already critics and finger-pointers looking to place blame. There will certainly be a time to reflect and inspect – but hopefully we will move beyond the immediate cast of characters and look at the deeper issues.

Issues like why we live in a culture that glorifies death and violence. Issues like why we allow toxic video games to pollute the values of our youngest minds. Or why we commercialize music that dehumanizes and incites.

Are any of these the immediate reason why a young man would kill so many? Probably not. But they do explain (in part) why we are seeing an increasing rate of these types of activities.

This is not a political issue; it is a moral issue. It sounds trite, but we really do need to promote a culture of life rather than death. As Christ-followers, let us do our part to hold out hope in the midst of despair.


a nice afternoon

We had a good morning at church -- the full band was back and was rocking. Doug has added a steel guitar to his reportoire and it's really cool. After church, we went over to some friend's house and had a BBQ. A bunch of people from church was there and it was really fun to just hang out and talk.

softball update

The girls are continuing to improve at softball. Both girls enjoy the sport and are quick to pick up and learn. I'm especially pleased with Hannah's coaches -- not only are they good instructors but they are very positive as well.

easter update

Here are few pictures of the girls on Easter Sunday ...


i'm alive

No worries ... I'm still around. For whatever reason, updating the blog has taken a backseat to living life :-)

On the family front: all three girls and both cats are doing fine. Hannah and Hope are both progressing well at school and softball. It's been exciting to watch both of them improve and get better. Tonya is excited to have her parents coming out in a few weeks. Pokey and Smokey are enjoying our new leather couches.

On the church front: we had our best crowd year-to-date on Easter. A good number of our guests were locals, which is always exciting. Several good stories are beginning to percolate.

On the job front: still a mixed bag. I've continued to send out resumes for local jobs and have begun pursuing freelance options. I've landed a few freelance projects but will definitely need more to afford the good coffee.

On the picture front: I'm hoping to upload a new batch soon ... just to prove we're still alive!